As everyone knows, California is entering into what is arguably the driest year in decades and this could just be the start. Over half a century ago, in 1960 California voters passed the Burns-Porter Act, formally known as the the California Water Resources Development Bond Act, which resulted in the construction of the nation's largest state-built water and power development and distribution system, the state water project.

Since then, California's population has more than doubled. Water demands for urban use, environmental mitigation and agriculture have placed increasing demands on a diminishing water supply. The fact is, our water supply system was built to meet the demands of 50 years ago and policy makers have failed to keep pace with this demand. Now we are in a drought and in a water crisis. That is why Assemblyman Dan Logue from the 3rd district of California has proposed Assembly Bill 1445 the California Water Infrastructure Act of 2014. The Assemblyman's legislation would:

  • Logue_at_Desk.jpgIf passed by voters, appropriate $4.8 billion for water storage construction
  • Provide significant additional storage during wet years to even out dry years
  • Construct two reservoirs - one at Sites in Northern California and the other at Temperance Flat in the Central Valley
  • Allocate $1 billion for clean water projects
  • Ensure a balanced, stable water supply for agriculture
  • Bring water supply into line with demand for urban use and the environment
  • Enhance overall state water project controls for better flood management
  • Improve flows for at risk species and better Delta system management 


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